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Saved by Paint

Saved by Paint

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Patrick says...
So we're back to the normal pens. That last page hurt my brain. The larger panels also gave me the chance to show Securatron actually attacking the flying saucer. It's too bad he looks like a giant Mr. T.

...and, hey! You get to see Pencilcutioner's back side right before he's blown to bits. He didn't seem to have any issues blowing himself up for his I still think Penciltary's thought balloon is damn funny.

Panel three? Yeah, sorry. That was cheap.

As for "Their paint saved them" in panel four, I admit that's really lame (especially considering that, Mudpit, and Securatron all clearly have paint too). I think I just needed to fill space.

Panel six clearly sums up my thoughts at the time. I was just doing this to get it done and really didn't care anymore at this point. It's just too bad.

As for the final panels on the page...just how many big bombs does Pen-kil have inside him? He has already been blown up twice and now he's blowing up everyone (including himself) again!

When I wrote this, I honestly had zero clue what I would draw on the next page.