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Front Cover

Front Cover

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Patrick says...
About the cover
So this is the cover of my Trashformers notebook. It was actually a Critter Sitters notebook with a raccoon cover. (I had some odd fascination with raccoons at that age.) That cover was never modified, but fell off fairly quickly. Surprisingly, this paper cover has remained attached for over 20 years. It's barely holding on, but it is.

This page evolved over time. At first, it was just the Trashformers logo you see in silver done with black ink. Later on, I went through a "silver is cool" phase and colored in a lot of stuff silver. A bit excessive. The other logos were added later as I tried to "borrow" (or blatantly rip-off) ideas from a certain well known series of toys. You can see how it evolved here.

I added the "Feel free to read" bit at the top after leaving it on my desk at school and classmates kept asking if they could read it. I highlighted it later to try to get more people to read it. I'm not sure that worked.

The drawing of Garbitron slashing a sword while Pen-kil shoots at him was much cooler in my mind. You'll have to trust me on that one.

...and, no, my signature doesn't look like that anymore.