The Trashformers

The Absolute Most Final Page EVER!

The Absolute Most Final Page EVER!

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Patrick says...
It's the end of the world as we know it...
Maybe I should have just blown up the entire universe or something instead.

You may have noticed I seemed to enjoy introducing and killing off characters. In fact, I managed to do both on the final page.

...and I spelled "heroes" and "nuclear" wrong too. We didn't have spell check back then.

Yeah, I guess I just wanted to end it all. Oh well.

As for the last part.
"Don't be upset people this isn't the end...'s just..."

The next page said "The Beginning!" and started a new comic that wasn't about Trashformers. It was about a team of three young individuals who get ahold of some special armor suits from the government and form a crime fighting team. (Think Power Rangers in Halo armor and without the Power Ranger vehicles.) It was called "Eliminator Force".

I got two or three pages in before the story was abandoned. I'm not even going to bother scanning it for three reasons:
1) There's only two or three pages...
2) While my robot drawings may suck, you may have noticed that I really can't draw humans!
3) The dialogue (what little there was) is so incredibly bad that it makes Trashformers look great!

...and so there you have it. The entire Trashformers story. Might I ever go back to it? Maybe, but I won't ever draw a Trashformers comic myself again. For NaNoWriMo, I took it upon myself to write my "novel" about Trashformers. I think I got about 2500 words in or so...far short of the goal for the month.

The NaNoWriMo story was completely different. It was much more detailed and planned out and a lot (For example, the characters were not astronauts and never land on "Trashertron".) I did a lot more character development. Unfortunately, I didn't write nearly enough and only got as far as the characters just about to get their robot forms. I might pick it up again someday.

Until then, thanks for sharing my pain.