The Trashformers

Quite an Army

Quite an Army

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Patrick says...
Another line-up
I seem to like lining up all my characters. Sadly, this is the most action that some of them get. Poor Cheapshot and Tank-U...

For wanting (I assume) peace in the universe, Securatron seems a bit too determined to commit genocide.

A few pages ago, Garbitron seemed pretty sure that the Write-Bots were alive. Scrapper must have forgotten already if he thinks they're all dead still. Maybe it's because Garbitron's not so sure anymore in the next panel.

Also, I'd like to point out that ordering your troops to transform when half of them turn into things like trash cans and toilets is a really stupid idea.

So some Write-Bots are back in a flying saucer collecting debris and putting it into a poorly drawn flying garbage truck. The colors on the flying saucer are the same as on Snakey in the first half of the last book.

Remember how I said I thought my drawing ability had improved a little? I think it's obvious that by this point I really didn't care and just wanted to finish. That should be even more obvious on the next page.