The Trashformers

The Final Addition

The Final Addition

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Patrick says...
The new expansion
I wanted to explain where all the new space in the base came from, so I drew another side view. Compare this to the earlier drawing and you can see what I added on. You might also notice that Sandblast was partly visible in the earlier drawing even though he wasn't introduced until the previous page.

One other thing about the base. Look to the left side of the top level. Who's standing in front of the computer wall? Could that be Starspeed? No, it can't be! Starspeed hasn't returned yet and even if he had, he's never been able to stand up in the base.

Yeah, I screwed up.

For all you young'ins, panel three is a reference to The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.

Although I point out the crap a lot, I do want to point out the final panel on this page. Toil is holding a wrench and Garbitron is motioning over his shoulder. I like to think that this panel shows some progression from earlier stuff where the characters all stood there with their arms at their sides.