The Trashformers



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Patrick says...
Lower. Hoist. Hoist.
The thing that bothers me most about this entire page? Starspeed has udders in the first panel. It's supposed to be thrusters, but it still looks like you can reach right out and milk him.

The whole bit with and Mudpit tearing up Vlondor reminds me of the tiny planetoid in Le Petit Prince.

Meanwhile, I introduce three more characters. Tank-U was pretty much unutilized in the remainder of the comic. A pointless character. On the other hand, I had big plans for Securatron. He was a giant robot that could transform into a blue truck and a junkyard (complete with shack and fence). Unfortunately, we only see him in robot and truck forms.

Securatron's head was modelled after Wheeljack and Optimus Prime. His body was inspired by Omega Supreme. Even though I had (for once) drawn him elsewhere before drawing him here, I couldn't get the legs right. Liquid Paper to the rescue!