The Trashformers

Meet the New Guys

Meet the New Guys

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Patrick says...
That's gotta hurt...
I really hate the second panel. So much unnecessary dialogue...and such a stupid drawing. Granted, "Mudpit" is one of the better names I came up with in this series.

Meanwhile, "Trasher-tron" suddenly became hyphenated. It's nice to see's hidden crater base make a reappearance.

The character on the left in the fifth panel looks like Elton John with a mohawk. What was I thinking? As for the guy on the right, I remember that his "Heavy Metal" T-shirt was supposed to have an I-beam on it, but I ran out of room.

Panel six is just ridiculous. The positions they're all folded into are bad enough, but the GIANT helmets on the horizon make it even worse.