The Trashformers

Other Characters, Transformations, and Star Charts

Other Characters, Transformations, and Star Charts

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Patrick says...
The inside back cover
This is what's drawn on the inside back cover of the notebook where I drew Trashformers. You'll note it's numbered as page 33 in the bottom right. That's how many pages were in the first book. The story continues for another 15 pages or so in a second book.

I drew the art here on several different occasions. The transformations at the top were drawn first. In the first issue, only Garbitron's transformation from a human to a robot was shown. I wanted to show the others, but since the issue had already been completed, I decided to do it here on the inside of the back cover.

I'm amused that the guy who is apparently a slob with an untucked shirt turns into a wad of paper.

Later on, I wanted to document all of Penophone's transformations. As I mentioned before, he has eight...but only one point of articulation. You kind of have to use your imagination a bit here.

The star chart was drawn last. I had planned to incorporate all the planets into the story at some point, but only got around to Trashertron, Vlondor, and Inkorpra 2. I sometimes wonder what might have happened on Exodus Omega...and why Planet X was also named "Dave".

Keep in mind, I began drawing this comic in 1985, but most was drawn in 1986...the year of the Challenger disaster, Transformers: The Movie, and Halley's Comet. This is why I included Halley's Comet and had it looping both our sun and this sun. I'm sure astrophysics majors would like to kick me in the shins for that.