The Trashformers

The End?

The End?

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Patrick says...
It's over!
The final page...and poor Night Fight finally gets a name.

Before I get accused of ripping off Transformers: The Movie, I'd like to point out that this was drawn in February 1986. That movie didn't come out until the late summer of 1986. I was traveling in Ireland with my family for two weeks when it came out and missed it completely. I only knew what happened in the movie by reading the comic adaptation. In 1992 or so, I found a copy of the FHE VHS release and finally got to see it. I still have it. if you think Pen-kil's retreat is like Megatron's retreat into Astrotrain in Transformers: The Movie, I ask you... Who's ripping off who here?

...but, yes... Every single Write-Bot on board was destroyed by one well timed shot by Starspeed.

...but wait! What's this? Pen-kil's still got some life left in him? He can still move his bright red eyebrows? Oh, I bet you can't wait until the next issue!