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Still Alive

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Patrick says...
The second book begins
After I filled the first notebook, I went out and got a second one. If you're keeping score at home, this is an "A Plus" 1 subject wide ruling notebook. 70 sheets and "snag proof" wire binding for its 10.5"x8" pages. Why did I keep going with the lined paper? I guess since it made it easier for me to draw the panels. Maybe because I couldn't find a notebook with plain white pages at CVS.

This notebook changes the format of the comic as well. Rather than having a title page and then two pages of comics, I followed the convention of other 1980s comics I was reading at the time and put a regular comic page, then a title page with a big illustration, and more pages of comic. I don't think I ever planned out how many pages I would do in each issue. Sadly, this notebook only has one issue, but it's ten pages long.

Another thing that I started off doing was putting in editors notes. This is something else that I picked up from the Marvel comics I was getting.

As for the comic, I'm not sure why Starspeed is saying that he's "docking" in the fourth and fifth panels. He's just landing. Maybe I thought "docking" sounded fancier.

...and after the "smuck teams" of the last issue, Garbitron finally realizes that he should probably recruit some help. How does he go about it? Well, let's just say that the solution that I came up with is pretty stupid.