The Trashformers

Week 7

Week 7

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Patrick says...
More than meets the can
Starting in this issue, I decided to stop writing the teasers before the comic and start drawing some Trashformers-related art below the logo. I suppose you can call it "filler" of some sort. What takes place on these title pages never has anything to do with the story.

You'll notice on this and the issues-to-come that I labeled the characters. This was to help the readers keep the characters straight...and because I ripped the idea off of someplace else that I had seen it done.

Starspeed's Trashformers insignia is back on this page, but this time it's white. Also, I feel like pointing out the "go fast lines" behind him.

In case you're curious, I didn't usually write letters like they are on this page. I just felt like linking them all together in a poor Star Wars rip-off style. It works very poorly when writing diagonally.

Oh...and more stains!