The Trashformers



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Patrick says...
My penmanship goes downhill
Maybe it's just me, but my penmanship seems to be especially horrible on this page. I really should have planned my letter spacing better.

In the first panel, Starspeed has bottom thrusters on...but in the second panel, you can see he's still in orbit. That makes me wonder why he needs the bottom thrusters.

Also, consider his size compared to the size of the planet. Assuming that he and the planet are in the same plane (or close to it), that means that Starspeed is either really huge or the planet is really small. I blame Star Trek for this one. Watch the old series when the Enterprise orbits a planet. Then consider the banked left turn the starship is always making. If it continues to make that turn, it's either going around a really tiny planet or it's spinning in circles off to one side of the rapidly spinning planet...but I digress.

"You were; I teleported." ...and Pen-kil's gains another amazing ability with one line. You may be wondering why he hopped a ride on the rocket if he was only going to teleport back to Earth. There's a reason. He was lonely...or that's my guess.

"Come on!"
"Never mind that!"
This dialogue reminds me of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Listen to how the characters use their communicators sometime. Half the time they contact someone, they will say something like, "I think you'd better get down here." They rarely, if ever, actually explain what the problem is. The Write-Bots and Trashformers seem to exhibit the same behavior. Communication amongst themselves seems to be a real issue.