The Trashformers

It all happened when...

It all happened when...

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Patrick says...
I hate this page too.
Somehow got the Trashformers insignia on the back of his head. I guess that makes up for the ones missing from Starspeed's wings. (The insignia should always be on the wings, but sometimes I forgot.)

In the second panel, the ATC tire behind's head looks pretty darn tiny. Between the fourth and fifth panels, he seems to have lost one of his gauges. His face looks like The Tin Man crossed with a jack-o-lantern.

As for Scrapper's story of the battle, I have no idea why Pen-Kil would have hopped on a rocket that the Trashformers were launching. ...and I also have no idea why the Trashformers would launch "1000 astropecks of energon spheres" if they were so precious. That's just as stupid as...uh... I don't know. I was trying to think of an analogy of attacking Fort Knox or the US Mint, but suggesting that they'd launch their valuables into orbit points out just how stupid this idea is.

The final panel reminds me of page 6's "But we don't have an enemy." "We will get one." Starspeed's pretty sure of himself.

"Can Starspeed catch the rocket?"
No. He can't. Really. ...but they do find it.