The Trashformers

Week 4

Week 4

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Patrick says...
Generic Stuff
This is a pretty generic cover, so there's not a lot for me to talk about here. Of note is that I called this Issue 1 of Volume 2. Looking back, I used "volume" and "issue" inconsistently. Since these were all really the same volume, that's why I've numbered the web site volumes differently.

Notice how I used the Write-Bots insignia as part of the Trashformers logo this week. Another blatant rip off of some other 80's toy line.

This is probably around the point that I started to feel that the title pages were unnecessary, but I kept doing them since a precedent had been set...and unlike the 21st century where we have stuff stored digitally, I couldn't exactly go back and change previous issues to have them conform.