The Trashformers



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Patrick says...
Emergency! Emergency!
Panel 1 is the first full-color panel. I kinda wish I hadn't bothered. ...and "airbrakes"? You know, he malfunctioned really fast for a new character. The whole point of that was to have him crash just like in some other giant robot show. Hmm...what was the name of that series?

In panel 6, Starspeed is pretty skinny! Wow...

Panel 7 has some weird perspectives going on. Starspeed and Garbitron are standing flat, but the road is not.

Panel 7 and 8 also have the first bit of background humor with playing in the rock pile. I have no idea why he's doing that.

Wow, I made two characters say "Ow!" on the same page.

When I wrote the last panel and the ending text, I had absolutely no idea why they had to survive until sundown. Even knowing how it eventually turns out, I still have no idea why sundown was so special or why I put "Will they survive?" in quotes.