The Trashformers

All Your Base

All Your Base

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Patrick says...
I'm not sure what Penophone is doing outside the Write-Bots' ship in the first panel. When the Write-Bots were flying to Earth, they had their command ship and two ink tanks. Presumably, all the Write-Bots (except for the two flying the ink tanks) were inside the command ship. Oh well...

In the fourth panel, you can tell that I wrote in "Much" much later.

On the right side of the Write-Bots' base, there's a door that opens. This was so the command ship and ink tanks could enter. Unfortunately, I didn't draw any sort of airlock. Opening that door would flood the city. My sense of scale was also quite off since there's no way the command ship and ink tanks would fit in there with all the buildings too.

The middle section of the page is nothing but an in-joke for my classmates at the time. One of my classmates lived on a dairy farm and rode an ATC. What I had drawn there was Cote's Dairy in Lewiston, Maine. Unfortunately, Cote's closed down in the 1990s. It's a shame since they made some of the best ice cream.

...and in the last panel, I messed up on scale again. When Starspeed starts drilling, the entrance is his height...but in the final panel he's way too tall to stand up in the base. Garbitron and the others are huge!

The dots on the wall are switches that control the sliding blast doors. Presumably the base has some depth to it that we don't see that the characters don't fall down to the basement. It looks like a damn ant farm.

There's a computer panel near Starspeed's feet.

In the lower left, you'll see a recharging unit that pre-dates the "CR chambers" from Beast Wars, but it's essentially the same. (They stole my idea!) It's used on one of the Trashformers later on in the story. (I planned ahead? Holy crap!)

In the lower right, you'll see part of a character that Toil created. Unfortunately, he's not introduced for another 25 pages or so. I guess he wasn't quite ready. I'm not sure if I drew him in later or if he was originally there. The pen lines look the same, so he might have actually been part of the original drawing. (More planning ahead? OMG!)