The Trashformers

I Designed Them Myself

I Designed Them Myself

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Patrick says...
A touching death scene...
Yes, I killed off the main character in a highly dramatic death scene. is clearly moved to tears by Garbitron's death. So moved that he just leaves him there. Yes, he leaves Garbitron's corpse just where he found it.

In the panels that show the Write-Bots' prison, notice how Starspeed's nose seems to be exceedingly long. This is also another instance of Starspeed's height being an he has to be in vehicle mode when he's in the cell.

I know I spelled "designed" wrong in panel four. Bite me.

Keep in mind that when I made this, "energy bars" meant bars made out of energy and nobody would ever have interpreted that as "candy bars that give your body a boost of energy". Times have changed.

Also, you can see that Twistor is not only in his alternate Hefty bag mode in the cell, but he's sleeping. I bet he could have used an energy bar.

I'm not sure what that's supposed to be in the bottom row of cells on the right side. Looks like a pile of laundry or something.

If Penscribe's agent was trying to sell him around Hollywood, this scene would be the clip he'd use. This scene is really the only time he gets to do anything in the entire comic. Poor guy.

While Toil is the inventor on the Trashformers side, Chameleon (the red pencil) is the inventor on the Write-Bots side...and obviously not a very good one if Starspeed can break free and can sneak in unnoticed.

As for the teaser at the bottom... Keep in mind that I never really planned things out in advance. "All in the next issue" is a lie. We find out of can stop Penscribe in time, but as for so much.