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Patrick says...
Holy cow...I mean snake!
Snakey's head looks like an evil Kermit the Frog. is a robot...but has to hold his breath. Also, he seems to be quite the swimmer considering that he doesn't have much for legs and...oh, I dunno...weighs as much as an all-terrain cycle!

He can apparently fly too...but seems to prefer to drive.

So returns to find Garbitron. Hey, look! Is that drama?! No,'s just gas.

I'd like to point out two things. First, why would the Write-Bots take all the Trashformers captive but leave their leader? Second, notice the sunset. Considering the rate at which the sun can be seen going down, this must have been a very quick battle. I guess the Write-Bots kicked some ass. Too bad you didn't get to see it because I decided to bring you the thrilling battle against a one-off non-transforming multi-colored snake instead.

Yes, I know it's "tries" and not "trys". Sue me.