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Smuck Teams

Smuck Teams

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Patrick says...
Lining up for battle...
The first four panels were just intended for comic effect and to show that Starspeed and Night Fight (whose name still hasn't been revealed) are equals. You could assume that there's some deeper meaning about light versus dark and good versus evil, but you'd be wrong.

"Let's go to where there's room to fight."
My, that's very thoughtful of Pen-kil. I'm amused he even proposed such a thing. He could have just as easily said, "Let's settle this on the basketball court!"

...and what's with his eyebrows? Dude, tweezers!

When I lined up all the characters (except Pencilcutioner and Penciltary), it became pretty damn obvious how outnumbered the Trashformers were now. The dialogue was added later to make it even more obvious.

Penpot lets everyone know he'll be in the ink tank just so that the audience will know on the following pages, but it's really not that important.