The Trashformers



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Patrick says...
I start off the first panel introducing yet another new Write-Bot. Why? I needed to get these morons to Earth somehow. He gets a name later.

"I don't see why Pencilcutioner and Penciltary had to stay on the planet and we have to chase the guys with the rocket."
It's because I thought Penciltary was stupid and Pencilcutioner was a pain to draw.

After the "Meanwhile", Starspeed zooms down into the base and we see Garbitron right where left him. Note that in panel 8, Starspeed is still too tall to stand up in the base.

Panel 9 is a reference to pre-bunny Energizer commercials that featured gymnast Mary Lou Retton.

...and so begins the plan to revive Garbitron. I guess he wasn't actually dead, his batteries were just drained. Lame.