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Unwrapped Surprises

Unwrapped Surprises

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Patrick says...
Even more new characters
I introduce seven new characters on this page. Penciltary is simply the secretary (excuse me..."Executive Assistant") for Pencilcutioner. Do you like how I took normal English words and replaced part with the word "pencil"? How creative of me!

I love how Penciltary is upset with Pencilcutioner but immediately gets put in his place. I envisioned Penciltary as a "Mr. Smithers" type yes-man...and this is before anyone knew who Mr. Smithers was! Pencilcutioner was supposed to be a ruthless leader with a head that looked like an executioner's mask...but looks more like a Mexican wrestler's mask and therefore Strong Bad.

Penbot is the first and only gestalt robot I created. If you thought his head looked like a green version of a certain heroic Autobot's head, you might be right. The limbs are fairly obviously a pen, pencil, a Crayola marker, and Liquid Paper. The body is a pencil case.

The reason Penbot needs repairs in the fourth panel is because I drew him poorly. The "I need repairs!" balloon was added in later to explain why his right shoulder looked funny.

It amuses me that three of the five members of Penbot have "Doom" in their names. "Pencil Doom" sounds lame, but "Liquid Doom" sounds kinda cool.

...and there goes, driving toward the danger. I guess that fits with his "lone wolf" kind of personality. He wasn't planned to be that way, it just kind of happened by accident.