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A Mysterious New Friend

A Mysterious New Friend

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Patrick says...
Oh, suspense!
It seems to be a requirement that if anyone is shown in the comic, they need to be speaking or thinking matter how dumb it sounds.

Apparently Twistor and Scrapper grew to enormous size. They're standing on the horizon. (...but still think they can hide by diving into a ditch after the ink tank has already flown by.)

I guess the ink tank must have dropped some bleach or white paint on the ground in the second panel where the ground loses all color.

In the third panel, apparently Garbitron and Twistor walked past the door and then turned around to listen to the mysterious stranger.

"I want to show you something"
No, it's not porn!

"What is it?"
It's a goddamn spaceship. DUH!

This is one of the rare issues where I actually planned ahead and knew what was coming next. Granted, I hadn't planned past the first panel or two of the next issue...