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Garbitron's Creation

Garbitron's Creation

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Patrick says...
The story begins
Although this is page three, this is actually the first page that was drawn. I just started doodling one day and ended up with the first panel. Quite the artistic tour de force.

The brown...oh, the brown... I got my hands on a wide tip brown marker that smelled really bad and went back and colored the ground in a lot (but not all) panels where there was dirt.

Except for a few pages much later in this volume, I didn't use Crayola markers at all. I stuck to "artist" pens and markers under the assumption that it would make my comic better. I smartened up at some point. ...and that's why the only Copic marker I own is a black one I got for free.

I'm not sure if that says 1996 or 1986 in the first panel, thanks to my silver marker phase. Either way, it was "the future" at the time. Now, here we are in 2006 with our video phones, flying cars, and robot maids.

Later on, I explain why the atmosphere turns people into transforming robots. It still makes no sense. Don't try to figure it out.

I wonder where that gun came from.